Corporate Philosophy

The ultimate goal of trucking is to serve business people. We are in business to enhance that goal. Our policy is to give priority to the various needs of our shippers. Our outstanding record of on time delivery service demonstrates our concern for the needs of our customers. It is our constant goal to work in close cooperation with our shippers, our partners in profit and progress. This alliance with our customer provides a firm foundation for our expanding role in the trucking industry.

Safety & Compliance

Our SMS scores (formerly known as CSA) are well below the national average and we have maintained a “Satisfactory” rating since the DOT began rating carriers. Our four California terminals have maintained “Satisfactory” CHP BIT inspection ratings for the same period. Our comprehensive safety and compliance programs have helped us maintain an edge in a very competitive business environment. Want to see our FMCSA SMS ratings? Please go to and enter our DOT# 810111.