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Rate Increase and Assessorial Charges

Effective August 15, 2022, Lee Jennings Target Express will implement a rate increase of 5.7% to our base freight rate.  In addition to the base rate increase, we find it necessary to add assessorial charges for certain services (listed below) which we have never applied in the past, but that our competitors have charged for years. Lee Jennings Target Express has always taken a conservative approach to rate increases, however rising operational costs require us to take this modest increase in order to offset equipment, infrastructure and technology improvements.

Additional Fees

Liftgate Service Fee $10.00 per pallet (liftgate service is to the ground and does not include inside delivery)
Jobsite Delivery Fee $25.00 per delivery (liftgate service fee will be applied in addition if a liftgate is required to complete the delivery)
Hazardous Materials Surcharge $10.00 per shipment (includes any amount of hazardous materials as defined by the U.S.D.O.T.)
Appointment Fee $5.00 per shipment

Existing Fees

California Compliance Fee $15.00 per shipment (applies to any shipment originating from or terminating within the state of California)
Residential Delivery $10.00 per pallet (minimum of $60.00. Residential delivery is to the ground and does not include inside delivery)
Collect On Delivery (COD) $35.00
Split Pick-up or Delivery $90.00 per stop after the first
Empty Pallets/Empty Drums $80.00 per pallet spot occupied plus Fuel Surcharge (FSC)
Interline Pick-Up $80.00 plus base freight rate and FSC
Delay Time Charges $80.00 per hour (after the first hour to be charged in 30-minute increments)
Inside Delivery $60.00 for 1,000 lbs or less. $80.00 for greater than 1000 lbs up to 9 pallets. $140.00 for greater than 1000 lbs and 10 pallets or more.

Lee Jennings Target Express values you and your business.  We take the utmost pride in providing customers with the highest level of service that you have grown to expect and deserve.  We are committed to competitive pricing and consistent quality of service, and we thank you for trusting us to provide your transportation needs.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales representative or local customer service center.  We look forward to our continued business relationship.